BlitZ: Rise of Heroes Review

BlitZ: Rise of Heroes Review

BlitZ or Bust

In BlitZ: Rise of Heroes players jump right in. Initially, it’s a strategic advantage, but later it leads to frustration. Gamers have no back story and are devoid of any tutorial. Lack of explanation left this player perplexed about how particular dynamics work. In the gameplay of BlitZ: Rise of Heroes, the timing of tutorials is decided, and players are given an overview. The game’s tutorial is the main problem, and the developers do more hand-holding than necessary. The developer of BlitZ: Rise of Heroes is Israel-Ukraine based video game company Whaleapp. The company has no small number of programs under their belt with few 4.5-star reviews. The company’s strong social media following has surpassed over forty million downloads following the release of BlitZ: Rise of Heroes. However, downloads don’t necessarily equate to quality gameplay, and the gameplay of BlitZ: Rise of Heroes does not live up to the hype.

Heroes Rise up or Not

Blitz: Rise of Heroes lets you collect and level your heroes early, but afterwards you choose from a rather bland menagerie of fighters. After your initial group of heroes, there is very little else to do except wait for money to afford more. Although this video game limits the players’ freedom to create their own heroes, this is done only to generate revenue. They’ve used this strategy before. They will use valuable in-game resources in order to bet with random number hero purchases. Your odds look pretty low, by the way. Players will get the exact same six heroes many times over. While it’s possible to combine duplicated heroes, it’s rare to get heroes players need to actually become stronger.

Combating Boredom

Now would be the opportunity to talk of heroes, who fight. BlitZ: Rise of the Heroes introduces positive functions that will be appreciated by some players. It’s a fighting game, meaning you are able to initiate fights at leisure, and also another one if time is fixed. Players can compete twice as fast as ordinary in duels, not just fast but also fun. A notable advantage of an otherwise tedious game experience. The events of the story develop very slowly through winning fights, which is unsatisfying for most players.

His game pretends to present in the form of a quest a maze or an enclave. However, since combat dynamics do not rework and worlds have very little construction, the only purpose is to earn resources with another artistic backdrop. Art wise, graphics are clean. A display strewn with ads, sales, and freebies creates an environment of chaos in which it is hard to delight in art. The music shouldn’t be playing. Leave it on mute. Players will not be deprived.

At its core, Blitz: Rise of the Hero is a game based on idle combat. Features ease earning resources and rewards by accomplishing tasks, or collecting points throughout the day. Resources are collected even when you’re not playing, and can be collected throughout the day. So, in that way, the game ably complements its use. But players can have the same experience elsewhere, where the developers placed world-building and player self-agency as a priority.


BlitZ: Rise of Heroes is a great game that offers a lot of content and replay value. The graphics are top notch and the gameplay is addicting. If you’re looking for an enjoyable mobile game that will keep you entertained for a while, this is definitely it.