Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Review

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A Final Fantasy Battle Royale

Final Fantasy franchise enters the battle royale genre with the release of Final Fantasy VII , The First Soldier. Developed by Square Enix, The First Soldier offers action-packed gameplay imbued with RPG elements. Battle monsters, level up, and hopefully be the last one standing in this battle-centric game from the world of Final Fantasy VII.

The first soldier of Final Fantasy VII does a great job of establishing how the battle royale genre relates to the Final Fantasy universe. Players begin by customizing their appearance toward that end. Unlike some games that offer overly complex character customization systems, Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier keeps it simple and limited. Although this game is a battle royale and not a makeover title, it’s quite simple.

For Shinra

Once you have your player prepared, you can enter the battlegrounds where you’ll fiercely battle against around twenty rivals. Fans of Final Fantasy VII will recognize Sector 7 slums and other typical areas on the gaming map. You can take anything you find from bags to improve your arsenal and give yourself an advantage over your competition. When safe zones are shrinking over time, winners will be forced to slowly get closer and closer together. If I was a big player on the reunion stage winning, I will be trying to win prizes and continue to play later in the tournament, after I’m finished with the individual round.

Base weapon is one thing, but you must be able to level up and collect more powerful weapons if you want to take part in a challenge. You will find a variety of ranged weapons inside chests scattered throughout the map. From assault rifles to light machine guns to revolvers, the game includes a lot of weapons. These include a spell that hits the enemy with a violent blast of flame and a ritual spell that can heal you. You’ll then come across weapons and ammunition that you make yourself. Of course, whenever you come out of a game, you can loot any other player. However, it’s also advisable to get your hands on sweet spells and tools. To succeed in Final Fantasy VII , you must also level up.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Gameplay

Leveling Up

You will must quit following other gamers for a while in order to defeat some monsters. The video game world is full of creatures that will be familiar to fans of the Final Fantasy franchise, including Harald Starkiller’s and Assassin Droids. Including these well know characters served to provide the environment for Final Fantasy VII. Leveling up will give you an advantage over your competitors, so make sure you safely and securely watch your back. Sometimes you may find yourself in a battle against monsters and players simultaneously.

Chocobo Farm

Final Fantasy VII: The First Strike allows players to ride automobiles and motorbikes, but the highlight is the Chocobos. What fan of the Final Fantasy series doesn’t know about these delightful birds? Not only can Chocobos be ridden, they can also be hatched, cared for, and bred on your own personal Chocobo farm. So I know this is a side game, but honestly, I was more excited about the actual game than over these. That says something, considering how fun the battles are. Of course, as long as you have a Chocobo, you’ll be able to summon it once competing in the battle royale.

Control Issues

Regrettably, the touchscreen controls are difficult to master. You probably think Square Enix has an abundance of experience, but even so, the controls are a challenge. I mean, it s not that the games are horrible, but you do need joysticks of the proper kind if you’re planning on winning in this battle royale. Once I coupled my PlayStation 4 controller with my phone, I had a simpler time overtaking my competitors in Fortnite.


Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has a RPG style that will appeal to fans of games. The amounts of experience gained by fighting other competitors and monsters make it possible for players to level up. Midgar really comes to life if you’re ever involved in a fight with a competitor or monster. Some people might be frustrated by the lack of functionality in the touch controls, but these aren’t so bad as to break the game. Nevertheless, I recommend that you make use of a controller should you have one available. All things considered, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a battle royale story you’re likely not to wish to pass up.


In 1997, Squaresoft released “Final Fantasy VII“, one of the most popular video games of all time. The game was revolutionary in terms of graphics, storyline, and character development. In 2015, Square Enix announced that they were releasing a remake of Final Fantasy VII for Android and iOS devices. The game was released in February of 2017, and has been downloaded over 10 million times. 

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Android is a game for android devices that was released in Japan in February 2015. The game is a spin-off of the Final Fantasy VII series, and focuses on the story of Sepiroth’s first soldier, android 1-A. The game has received mixed reviews, with critics praising the graphics and story, but criticizing the gameplay.