Lost Light Review

Lost Light Review

A Solid Looter Shooter

NetEase’s Lost Light is an action-survival game with similarities to several popular titles of late, soft received into open beta in November of 2021 in the US. While the game bears a striking resemblance to several popular titles of late, a surprisingly polished and complex gameplay experience remains. Impressive visuals, a seamless performance, and satisfying weapon options kept me captivated during a mostly generic gameplay. But how long can that last?

Lights In The Dark

This first-person shooter sees characters entering an exclusion zone, a No Man s Land governed by the sharpest eye. There are three available maps to choose from, none of which are particularly interesting or special. Although they all provide a fairly fun area for fast-paced or methodical gameplay. There’re open areas for artiller warriors, or intolerably narrow passageways for close-quarters swordplay. Players are able to engage in battle or surreptitious larceny to bag valuable loot they’ll then be capable to deliver to a number of cash differ. Extracting means getting all that cash, while dying means you’ll risk losing everything. You are a Firefly, tasked with exploring the exclusion zone. Your task is to bring light to whatever mysterious events caused this dangerous combat zone. This high-risk high-reward conflict is comparable to The Dark Zone from 2016 s The Division. There were a lot of worthwhile loot in these places where the players had to safely plunder the PvPvE arena. Other characters will attempt to kill them and reclaim the loot for themselves. The health and crafting mechanics of Escape from Tarkov are much more similar to those of Lost Light .

Enter The Zone

This is the loop of the game. Enter the zone, kill your competitors (or sneakily loot), extract loot, sell it. There’s a shop in Just Cause 3 especially for the trading of loot items and the black market for trading among competitors. There are objectives to complete with every deployment which offer rewards on top of your loot. These missions have simple objectives, such as obtaining three kills with an AKS-74 bolt-action rifle. Most of the story is delivered via these tasks, but the lack of strong story is excused by the addictive gameplay loop. Gunplay is smooth and enjoyable  weapons feel unique and weighty. If you’re not playing against players online, there are bots. 

These bots contain their own and can hold their ground for a fun and challenging experience. Unlike the mechanical quality of gameplay, the sound is anything but great. There are some audio glitches, but they’re not as disruptive as to ruin the encounter. Between games, you have access to The Shelter. You can handle your inventory, access the shops, claim rewards, equip your Firefly, and interact with the game’s most detailed and fascinating mechanic weapon customization.

This Is My Rifle

Lost Light Rifle

Perhaps the most powerful and advertised feature of Lost Light is its weapon customization, which is explored at The Shelter’s weapon bench. This is where your funding and ruthlessness serve you best. Each weapon has up to 12 weapon slots for mods, with several available weapons to make your own weapon. Attachments must be unlocked prior to selling by paying a specific level, but they can also be obtained on the battlefield. Finding chests (or dead bodies) is your destination. The primary goal of Lost Light is to become the strongest Firefly by constructing the greatest war loadout. The ability to customize and set up gear by your flush account balance and a bank of crafting supplies is limitless, and the large range of customization available makes each weapon feel unique.

Incentive To Kill

Lost Light Gameplay Review

At the time of writing, Lost Light is free to download and does not have any in-game purchases. NetEase currently offers daily login rewards for your first 6 days. In addition, bonus loot is offered for your first 25 levels to encourage you to resume playing the exclusion zone. Nevertheless, Lost Light’s simple and fun gameplay loop would actually be enough to keep you coming back. The developers are quick to respond to any issues that arise, and they have plenty of planned content. The website contains news and updates, as well as a screenshot on the developer’s official Facebook page. Lost Light is currently in beta, but it’s still a powerful free-to-play survival game. Clearly a lot of thought was put into making this game the best mobile survival game available. I’m excited to see where Lost Light will end up next year. The game is, as it stands now, probably won’t appeal to everyone, but there’s potential.