Pascal’s Wager Game Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Pascal’s Wager Game Chapter 5 Walkthrough

If you’ve completed Giant Global’s disorienting RPG, you are now able to undergo chapter four of Pascal’s Wager. A decade ago, the church banished the Demiurge people to Edith. While Edith is a desolate land, the demiurge continue to reside in that place. Edith provides more of a challenge than the preceding chapters of Pascal’s Wager. If you feel overwhelmed while trying the demiurge’s moves, do not hesitate to click here. Check out our Pascal’s Wager chapter five walkthrough below.

Hardcore Droid’s Chapter 5 Pascal’s Wager Walkthrough

Find the Bell Man

Head to Edith and head towards the graveyard, ahead of a short set of steps, you will come across your first enemy a man dressed in mummer attire wielding a scimitar. Mummen typically deal three melee attacks in a row and can also parry your melee attacks. It is easy, as long as you can dodge or block these melee attacks. After taking him out head, you ll see a woman squatting over a corpse. As you approach, she will call you not to turn around. To your left, you ll discover an altar activate it, then start down the path to the right to trigger a cutscene.

The woman you passed approaches Terrance. She is a desperado and claims that her people can exact revenge on the church. She also informs him that she has sealed the doors to the Blessedland to stop a rat who has infiltrated Edith. The man has been ringing the bell that seems to agitate the female in question. Terrance concludes that the quickest way to get to the Blessedland is to locate the scoundrel who rings the bell. After speaking with his mother, continue up the road. As you move between locations, you encounter business sounds. Detach it and proceed to complete a cutscene in which you see a bell ringing in a tower.

After the cutscene, go to the left and extract the midwife on the roof. Then follow the path made of ramps and roofs until you reach a second midwife, take out her, then go down the ramp to the lower roof. Go grab antitoxin pills before you climb up the ramp. Proceed up to the top roof. Leap off the last roof from a set of double doors that cannot be opened on this side.

Go to The Bell Tower

Follow the downward-sloping path. Pick up the lost diary page on the platform just past the archway. Go to the archway. You re now back in the village square. Take out the three mummers. Proceed straight through the square avoiding the fire jars thrown by the midwife you can’t reach yet and you’ll come to a dead end.

Go to the letterbox before you turn your left before arriving at Edith s property. Before you the two houses you battled earlier, turn around and turn left. Follow the path. A demiurge mage will be summoned that shoots orbs at you.

It is not hard to take him out with a few quick attacks if you want. If you want to, jump down through the roof to sever the mason and exit through the guest room door and then run up the path again. Continue up the path to a ledge and jump down to the bridge below.

Quickly cross the bridge, avoiding the fire pots the midwife waits on the other side lobs your way. After defeating the midwife, head forward and follow up with the noble woman on this side of the water tower structure. Flip around and go down the narrow path of fire between the brazier and the small lopsided structure. A mummer will drop from the top of a tree. Kill him and then get into the upper room and go up the stairway and pick up the ledger. The door here is locked, so you will have to go back.

Take the Lift

Assault the building you saw before us and go around to the back. Then take the lift and speak to the bellman standing nearby, who introduces himself as Frollo. He insists he’s not a traitor, that he just attempted to prevent the wrong path from being followed.

Frollo asks Terrance to tell Elena she’s wasting her time. Frollo states that his bells have no effect on the demiurge, and that Terrance’s decision to leave is unrelated to it. Go down the lift and you will find Elena, the woman you talked to previously, waiting for you. She warns you against getting involved in demiurge business.

Investigate the Demiurge Village

Head down the narrow path and through the building, then down the ladder and through the door here is opened. Take the amulet and are through the doorway. You will locate yourself in a circular area with a stone tower in the center. From the doorway, turn to your left and head down the alleyway to see a Heggie.

Continue past the alley and you’ll shortly come upon another mage. After defeating the mage, deal with the three mages kneeling before the door. The cannot be opened now, so turn away from it and continue in the direction you were previously heading. Soon you will arrive on a upward sloping path guarded by a scythe-wielding nobleman in a masquerade mask. Be careful with him.

After dealing with him, continue on your path until you reach a bridge. As you start to cross the bridge, a screech will erupt from the left and raise up. Deal with him, then continue to cross the bridge. Head between the two trees to the left to find another Heggie. Head back between the trees and stop at the boarded-up building. Talk to the inhabitants inside if you like, then activate the altar.

You can see a set of doors directly ahead, but they cannot be opened without a key. Take one more step slowly, but cautiously, as the midwife lurks on a rooftop above and will throw fire bombs at you. Deal with the mage who is pacing ahead and then take the first house on the right to speak with the woman inside.She asks Terrance to find her son, Andrew. This starts the side quest: Find Andrew.

Through the Cave

Go on to the path. You ll see someone in front of a stone house on top of the hill, where somebody is going to be waiting to throw fire jars at you once you approach. When she s close, she ll be scared and jump to run away. Evade her and take the fire jars with you. On the roof to the left, there will be another person waiting. Deal with him first, and then head to the house on the right and speak with the man inside.

He is cold and asks Terrance to bring him a candle. This initiates the Old Man and the Candle side quest. Go down the stairs, follow the path taking out a lizard and mage. If you do not take them out quickly, a mummers walking the path ahead will join in the fun. Continue a little bit to the nearby archway and shoo away the monkey. Cross through the shallow water.

After you reach their floor, you’ll locate a nobleman and three midwives on the right. I recommend luring the nobleman back towards the water so you can get down to him first. Take the midwives out of the path. On the other side of the midwives, progress toward the tunnel on the left. Climb up the ramp. Remove the lizard-infested ladder and kick it down.

Climb down, take care of the two lizards and activate the altar to the left. Follow the brazier lit path. Once the path splits, follow the dead end to right. There is an animal blemished here that needs to be felled. Afterwards, open the chest guarding the blemished critter. Then retrace your steps through the cave leading to the left will take you back to the circular area endowed with a stone tower.

Another Bell, Another Tower

Head through the door and look past the bonfire at the outset of your quest. Take the dagger from the left chest before approaching a mummum may appear, and try to make it through the forest unscathed afterward.

After the cut scene, move toward the tower. Elena is waiting outside and has been injured during the bellman. Enter the tower and activate the lift. Talk with Frollo, the bellman at the top of the tower. Terrance is still unsure who to believe. Frollo states that once the third bell is rung, the truth will be revealed. He gives Terrance a key to the back door of the third bell tower.

Open the Village’s Back Door

Hang by a rope through the hole in the wall and jump down onto the ledge. Get a greasy candle from the helmets. Follow the path to your left. When you reach the end of the path, jump down onto the rooftop. Kick down the ladder to your left. Climb down the ladder and head up the stairs and toward the altar. Use the key to open the doors next to the altar.

As soon as you have completed the door, turn off to the right and climb the ladder. Take the midwife up onto the roof, then go up to the ledge and follow your path forward. Around the edge of the building, a mage waits. Kill him, then go up and down the steps.

You’ll find yourself on a rooftop with another midwife. After you have defeated her cross the ramp to the next rooftop. Turn and take the downward sloping ramp to an additional rooftop. A noble man will jump down off the roof and attack. Take him out and head through the hole in the wall ahead. Climb down the ladder and open the door. Doing so unlocks a shortcut.

There’s a lizard in the northeast and a magician in the middle of a winding path. Turn right and talk to him. Give him the wax candle. This concludes your side quest, Old Man and the Candle. Head back up the ladder and enter the building.

Negotiation with Elena

Encounter Elena again. She informs Terrance that Teresa has traveled to the Foreverland. If Terrance slays Frollo, Elena will allow you to enter the Foreverland Artifacts Unlocked for you. Proceed up the stairs, take the key from a sifler, and then activate the altar. From this point, continue up the stairs to your left.

You’ll encounter a mammer here. Take him through the archway. A nobleman will come at you as you face him. To your left you’ll see a gate, but it currently cannot be opened. Continue down the path.

A mummer awaits before you. As you approach her, a queen clinging to a wall above will begin to cast spells at you. Once you come into her range, she’ll jump down. Once she’s dealt with both you, ascend the stairs. Follow a path to a stairway leading down. There is a mummer here you have to defeat. Proceed, and you’ll arrive on the other side of the closed gate.


There is a pathway nearby the stairs you came down. Follow the path around the building and up the ladder. Now you’re on the ledge where the noblewoman was standing across from the stairs you opened to open the gate. Open the treasure chest, then cross over the ramp and follow that path. On the ledge, jump down to the small, gated area, open the chest, then use the lever to part the gates for you.

Instead of leaping into the little room, this time I leap down on the other side of the outer wall. A Heggie waits here. Climb the ladder and cross the ledge. Jump down and open the chest. Turn around and jump down onto the ledge. Jump down onto the roof, then to the next one. Pick up the ancient silver key and jump down to the ground.

Ascend the stairs and return to the portal you opened near the bridge. Cross the bridge, and Frollo is waiting for you on the other side. After negotiating with Frollo, you’ll either choose to help him or fight him.

Fight Frollo

If you challenge Frollo, be sure to have an impressive selection of items and resources, such as a treasure chest. Like Norwood’s casket strapped to a chain, Frollo wields a bell on a chain. He wields a mace in his other hand with which he rings the bell. When the bell is rung, you’ll be momentarily blinded. Frollo is about to strike his bell. Run as fast as you can to get out of his range. Frollo has a leaping attack that can trigger you to get knocked over if you’re just too near when it has been performed. Dodge your foe in this countdown.

After you left Fraolo in the dust, cross the bridge, head back through the opened gate and past the stairs. Once you climb the stairs, you ll reach the small gated area we opened earlier and open the door to the courtroom. Speak with Elena. She thanks Terrance for dealing with the Fraolo, and tells him she opened the gate to the Blessedland.

Help Frollo: Take the Gate Key

If you choose to aid Frollo, he will give Terrance a gate key. Frollo tells Terrance to head to the courtroom to find the key Elena is hiding. Head back across the bridge, up the stairs, and through recently opened gate. Turn right and head past the stairs you climbed to open the gate. You see a gate ahead with a chest behind it, but you can’t open it from this side.

Follow the path to the right; climb the stairs and open the doors. this line will trigger the cutscene. Elena is disappointed in Terrance, claiming that he made the most unwise choice. She advises him that she said that she would destroy anyone who tried to stop the demiurge people’s attempt to recapture the lost light. When the cutscene ends you will be attacked by two mummers and a knight. Pick out the mechanical mummers before fighting two sisters. Defeating them will allow two princes to come on the scene. Handle them, then pick up loot in the area until you obtain the gate key.