Pascal’s Wager Game Tips and Tricks

Pascal’s Wager Game Tips and Tricks

Pascal s Wager entered into Google Play earlier this month, offering players with a long-sought-after Souls-like RPG. Even more, it’s a Souls-Like that sings. When it comes to production values and gameplay, Pascal offers a truly engrossing and immersive encounter. It looks a lot like one of the best Android games of the year. Nevertheless, like its towering antecedent, it is not a forgiving game. It s, as you no doubt conceive, difficult, to say the least. Yes, you could delve into some of the better gaming forums, such as those found over at JoyFreak. That path, however, isn t for everybody. An ambiguous undertaking, to be sure. However, as many of life’s more pressing challenges, Hardcore Droid has got your back. Throughout the conflict, we’ll be brushing yourself off and sending you back into the brawl with a few recommendations for Pascal’s Wager to keep you going once it gets tough. And it will get tough.


The meat of the Pascal Wager is comparable to its progenitor, and the fight is very brutal. Your primary character, Terence, is a dual wielder, with two major attacks and lines of defense. His rapier is used for a fast stab, while his broadsword can be used for a lengthy, heavy attack. As you level up, you can gain new Talents that help you develop new attacks and defensive moves. In general, however, use your quick attack when you have smaller opponents. With them, you can spam your assault and dispatch them well below their limits. Don’t hold back on your heavy attack at the expense of slow and stunned character is able to use in the course of the new Talents Terence learns. In short, use it sparingly.


Much like in Dark Souls, you will encounter, be harmed by, and fight the same monsters. You can use this situation as a way to develop your strategies on death mechanics while learning to improve your overall fighting and attacking skills. Initially, as a general rule, it’s smarter to try stabbing a slow-moving mushroom man and quickly jump back out again so that he can die. Rinse and repeat. Later, usually, it’s better to dodge quicker players and run into slower ones. Nonetheless, you will want to lean on avoidance because it works well in the majority of situations.

The Campfires of Solas

Altars in Pascal are like campfires in the Dark Souls video games. Therefore, part of the challenge is fighting your way to the next stop from the separate altars. Once there, you can level up your strength by consuming segments you’ve collected while defeating monsters. You can also craft potions and trophies (they grant boosts) and access the Character’s abilities. While resting will straighten out your mind and restore your health, it will also reset all monsters spawned on the map, so you’ll want to make sure you’re strategically deciding where and when to take a rest.

Furthermore, bear in mind that while repeatedly leveling up will unlock new skills, we suggest you save your bones for potions of insanity. Did I forget to inform you, the more you fight the monsters in Somas, the crazier you become? As you move from sane to insane to abnormal, your health decreases and the monsters get tougher. You might need potions of sanity, but if you carefully use your bones and how often you rest, the insanity mechanic should not even come into play until you face the first boss, who will likely drive you temporarily insane regardless of what you do.

When you confront The Flagellant, the giant Demon Boss of the first chapter, be sure to keep an eye on the other garbage items you get for crafting health potions and artefacts, which will help a great deal.

Be Lame

Doing this, will not only give you an opportunity to gain six levels, but it can also allow you to test out your fighting skills against various monster types. If you are totally a combat expert, you can combat a single monster and bravely leave without using your finger bones to refill the altar.