Seven Knights 2 Review

Seven Knights 2 Review

Return to the World of the Seven Knights

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable world of fantasy and adventure in the highly anticipated follow-up, Seven Knights 2. Players can immerse themselves in Netmarble Entertainment’s cinematic RPG with action-packed battles and expansive world-building. Seven Knights 2 is a high fantasy action-adventure sequel, continuing the story of the original Seven Knights.

Seven Knights 2 offers seven different gaming options, all of which are accessible to players of all skill levels. Fans of the original will thoroughly enjoy both the new and retro storylines coming together to create the experience of Seven Knights 2.

The Journey Continues

Seven Knights 2 takes place 20 years after Seven Knights. The first game received a version for the Nintendo Switch in 2020. Seven Knights 2 follows Lene, the leader of the Daybreak Mercenaries and daughter of Eileene, a member of the Seven Knights. A sequence involving a girl named Phin changes everything. Afterward, Lene and Daybreak Merchants set out to locate Rudy, the last member of the Seven Knights.

Seven Knights 2 is an interactive single-player gacha system with a cinematic storyline and a main character. Gameplay revolves around puzzle-solving, interaction with a theater-quality plot, and the integration of gameplay stages. Without activating the next phase, the scenes and action flow throughout the video game seamlessly.

Players control a team of four players, designing and custom-building a well organised squad for any particular battle. Each character possesses unique qualities, so players can strategize for the best outcome. Seven Knights 2 gives players the option of selecting from distinct battle groups. Characters can develop new skills by visits to the stores associated with the expanded story, dungeons, and raids. Another new feature is the option to adopt a pet to increase character levels.

Play Or Watch

What Seven Knights 2 does well, is doing the world of gaming more accessible to newcomers. Netmarble has included an extensive tutorial that introduces the game in real-time; additionally, it has a function that allows players to let characters autonomously travel through missions. The team alone doesn’t guarantee a victory; planning and teamwork are necessary to win. Missions are won and lost based on your team’s overall skill-level.

The Pitfall

Like, similar gacha games, Seven Knights 2 does have a Pay-to-Play structure that can make the game easier. Not that it is utterly negative, but many players may have to step outside the story missions to accrue experience through raids or the Dark Tower options. Sadly, those options can only be used once a day, which will again slow the game down. But the gifts and rewards of Seven Knights 2 make it very generous with free-roam gamers.

Be The Mercenary of Your Choosing

Seven Knights 2 brings back to the fun of the first installment while adding new characters and fresh story elements. Players can customize their experience with many different playing modes to choose from. From altering the difficulty level to group self-formation in the middle of a fight, it’s left up to the player to decide. The downside of a possibly slower story line is only slightly outweighed by the multitude of gameplay encounters and sidequests through the development of the many difficulty levels.